PURC Hair Scalp Treatment Essence Spray Anti-Dandruff Smoothing Soft Repair Dry Frizz Hair Care for Men Women Beauty Health

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Product name: PURC hair scalp treatment essence spray

To build a healthier and more comfortable scalp environment for hair growth, this scalp treatment spray would be helpful. Natural ingredients penetrate deep into scalp, strengthening hair root to make hair grow stronger. The spray head is designed for user to mist on scalp evenly with larger scale. This rinse-free formula is specifically designed for uses to relieve itchy, dry scalp, lightening the load of scalp.

1. Dandruff and itchy

2. Oily and Fatty

3. Cutin accumulation

4. Fragile hair

5. Loss of shine

Don't worry, PURC Scalp Treatment Essence can help you solve these problems. PURC scalp care essence is rich in niacinamide essence, which can effectively repair oxidized scalp, balance oil and strengthen hair.

Main ingredients:

1. Glycerin: moisturizing

2. Niacinamide: promote stratum corneum circulation

3. Panthenol: strong hair roots

4. Hydrolyzed yeast protein: repair dry split ends hair

How the product works

1: Unblock hair follicles to prevent blockage

2: Adjust water and oil balance, reduce dandruff

3: Soothes the scalp, relieves itching and refreshes


1.Dry your hair after cleaning;

2.Spray this scalp essence directly onto scalp;

3.Massage in circle motion with fingertips till it's totally absorbed.

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